Why My BEST AWARD MEDALS Is Better Than Yours

Recognizing a worker, student or athlete isn’t complicated, but there are a few basic principles that needs to be followed to attain the maximum impact. There is absolutely no doubt that people like money – raises, bonuses and so on, but the most memorable recognition is definitely a tangible award or trophy. A lot of people remember awards and trophies which were given years after the fact, and many save them for many years. Ask a fifty-year old man about his first award, perhaps a small plaque or an award medal given for his participation in just a little league baseball game – not only will he likely remember it, but he potentially still has it on a shelf or in a box, saved in a safe place for later viewing. These mementos serve to bring back memories and provide conversation pieces for a lifetime.

While there is no “rule book” for just how do present an award, there are several proven techniques that should be considered:

Whenever possible, present an award while watching recipients peers. In the case of an employee, this may be done with a simple department meeting or perhaps a more formal recognition event. Regarding a volunteer, it might take place during a scheduled meeting or event. With a student, it may be in the classroom or in the auditorium. The point is, putting the recipient in the spotlight makes it more memorable.

Secondly, whoever presents the award shouldn’t only hand it to the recipient with a “congratulations”, but also should tell a story to operate a vehicle home the accomplishment, however small or large. A story told by a coach about the most-improved player or best fielder goes quite a distance towards making the receiver of the trophy feel even better about themselves.

Thirdly, don’t forget to put in a date to the award. While it may seem meaningless at the time of the presentation, it helps serve as another reminder of related events down the road.

Lastly, taking a picture of the person receiving the award not only adds a special touch, it offers a chance to share the accomplishment with others, by way of a newsletter, newspaper or email. In addition, it allows the recipient to relive the moment at a future date.

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